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Audio - preamps, filters, effects

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Low pass filter - Subwoofer circuit diagram
Low pass audio filter for subwoofer with TL064 integrated circuit

author: Soulis Papanastasiou
visits: 104457
60W Guitar Amplifier circuit diagram
Powerful guitar amplifier with preamplifier included.

author: RED Free Circuit Designs
visits: 44644
60W Bass Amplifier circuit diagram
60w amplifier designed for bass. Preamp included.

author: RED Free Circuit Designs
visits: 37667
Digital Volume Control circuit diagram
Small digital volume control device. Modernize your amplifier.

visits: 36164
Portable Mixer circuit diagram
High-quality modular design. 9V Battery powered - Very low current drawing. Preamp, tone control, mixer - all in one

author: RED Free Circuit Designs
visits: 30723
Simple Digital Volume Control circuit diagram
Digital volume control for your audio device with only few components.

visits: 22101
Automatic Loudness Control circuit diagram
Simple add-on module. Switchable "Control-flat" option.

author: RED Free Circuit Designs
visits: 20510
Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram
Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost project

author: RED Free Circuit Designs
visits: 16987
Bass-treble tone control circuit circuit diagram
Low distortion bass and treble control for amplifier

author: Tasos Anagnwstou
visits: 16726
Phono Preamplifier circuit diagram
Simple circuitry suitable for moving-magnet cartridges. Passive high-frequency equalization

author: RED Free Circuit Designs
visits: 9753
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